A successful marketing strategy for your business can feel like trial-and-error until you’ve really defined your ideal client, and figure out how to best reach them. It can be tough, and I won’t minimize the challenge in doing this. But having tried many marketing strategies, I’ve identified my favorite low-cost marketing strategies that can be successful when implemented at nearly any company.

Marketing has become affordable for small businesses due to the widespread use of the Internet, social media and technology. Gone are the days where small business have to shell out thousands for tv commercials, radio ad slots, or huge billboards. The trade-off, however, often requires an investment of your time (and a little bit of money).

Here are five Inexpensive marketing techniques that a small business can use to reach potential customers and clients:

  1. Social Media Campaign: Almost everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and most are on all 3. Business can be extremely successful in reaching new audiences without spending a ton. If your ideal client is on social media, start a Facebook and/or Instagram advertisement campaign. Make an engaging post about your products and services to peak the interest of your ideal client audience. Get specific in your advertisement if you operate a local business, so that you are maximizing your budget. You’d be surprised with the number of organic leads you can generate while you sleep (or work the 100 other things that entrepreneurship demands of you!)
  2. Free content: Another compelling approach to promote your business within a small budget is by creating free content. Submit articles and blogs on sites who share ideal clientele with you to promote and enhance your business, and get captured when Google crawls site. Also  and rapidly catch by the web spiders, which helps in increasing your website ranking.Also consider guest-blogging to expand your readers’ zone, and draw new customers and clients to your business. Reach out to local, popular blogs, or your local newspaper, and inquire about submitting a guest article, or contributing to a piece.
  3. Video production: Another powerful and affordable approach to market your business is video production. For this, you simply need to make a quality video about your product and services, to grab the attention of your visitors. This is an ideal approach to promote your business because people love alternatives to reading long posts. Get bonus points if you personally appear in the video; of course that means getting a good night of rest to reduce the ‘entrepreneur bags’ under your eyes, but it gives your potential clients an opportunity to meet the owner, and begin to connect with you on a deeper level.
  4. Email marketing: Everyone has an email address, and we’re all tied to our phones. Use email marketing to connect with a wider audience in an efficient and affordable way. Consider an email service like MailChimp or MadMImi to start out with. MadMimi offers a free plan that lets you store 100 contacts and send out unlimited emails before needing to upgrade.  MailChimp’s forever free plan allows for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Add a ‘Stay Connected’ button to your website, offer a freebie download, and start growing that list. Not only does it help in the promotion of your business, but it also keeps  your clients up-to-date with your current offers, discounts or added products and services. Want to join our list and stay in the know with ASE? Click here, and let’s stay connected!
  5. Offer referral bonuses: This is definitely my personal favorite. Yes, it will likely be the most expensive, but you’ll only spend money when you have a client that will spend money with you. You’ll have to evaluate what a client is worth to you to determine the referral amount, but I much rather pay a referral as a thank you for someone walking cash to me in the form of a client, than blow my advertising budget on the hopes of finding a client. Referral bonuses provide a guaranteed return on your investment, and gives your friends and colleagues a reason to be on the lookout for potential clients for you. It also encourages your current clients to share their experience with you, with others, and word of mouth is the gift that keeps on giving in an entrepreneur’s world.

All of the above techniques will help you to create high-impact marketing with a low budget. You can start generating more leads by implementing these low-cost marketing strategies for small business. CONSISTENCY IS KEY! These techniques must be done frequently and regularly to see genuine results. By implementing these marketing techniques, your small business will start seeing bigger returns on your investment in no time!