Let’s face it… office rentals are expensive, and just like milk and eggs, they get more expensive every year. Both new and mature businesses often find that their highest expense may be the cost of running their full-time office. If this is you, and you spend every day in your office meeting with employees and clients, then your office expense might be a necessary evil. But for the majority of today’s business owners, office rent is an optional expense. If you:

  • Spend a large portion of your time in the field
  • Work with clients virtually, outside of a few client meetings
  • Have a home office that suits your needs except for when you’re looking to impress new clients
  • Skipped putting an address on your business cards or letterhead so that clients won’t randomly show up to your home
  • Have a PO Box as a business address (seriously, who can fit a desk into a PO box?!)
  • Miss business deliveries because you’re not home when FedEx or UPS arrive…

Ditch the office rent and consider a virtual office solution. 

Virtual Office solutions are ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to maintain a professional image while making a real impact on the bottom line. You can reduce your office rent and maintenance expense by as much as 95% by moving out of swanky (or basic) office space and into an appropriate virtual office solution.

For entrepreneurs with no need for true office use, consider a package that offers professional address services and mail collection only. This gives you use of a professional business address and guaranteed office coverage for your deliveries (super helpful considering FedEx, UPS and USPS deliver to business addresses usually before 3pm). Pick up mail and packages at your convenience, or have it forwarded to your address of choice. Pass out business cards out with confidence that you’ll be taken as seriously as larger companies when your potential clients see your professional commercial address. Sound like something that your business could benefit from? Learn more about ASE Group’s BASIC Virtual Office solution here.

Need a broader offering? Consider a more Advanced Virtual Office solution. This is where the benefits get really good. Get access to services like private office use, a dedicated local phone number, a full-time receptionist for your business’ incoming calls, access to business services like copies and fax usage, and more! You’ll save thousands each month, just with a dedicated phone number and a full-time live receptionist answering your business’ calls. For less  than 1 week’s pay to a receptionist, you’ll have a full month of services, your own business phone number and voicemail, an office, and so much more. Learn about ASE Group’s ADVANCED Virtual Office solution here.

New business owners will find a virtual office solution to be a huge money saver as they establish their business, but mature business owners are also realizing that using their office part-time while paying full-time expense is a huge waste of capital.

If you’d like to learn more about how a virtual office solution could work for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to alnesha@ASEGroupOffices.com or call us at 973-731-6000. If you know an entrepreneur or small business that could save thousands of dollars each year by using a virtual office solution, definitely refer them! It’s a win-win situation… we love paying referral bonuses, and your friend or associate will thank you for helping them save money!